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travelingdaisy asked: I didn't resize you're from northern mich I have a cottage up there and go to some of the places you've photographed. Love seeing someone else that can capture the beauty of it!

OMG YES I’m a TC girl! love everything about it up there

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ugh, life sometimes
hey heron

Anonymous asked: just saw some of your pics, and it looks amazing! (: anyways, I have a question, what kind of film should I use for my minolta hi-matic af2? do you think there would be cheap ones? thank you!

you can use any 35 mm film. cheapest i have found was fuji 400 but you may be able to find cheaper. I personally like kodak film better i think. my pix have just turned out better for my personal pref. and to be honest it’s not that much more expensive i don’t think. hope this helped!

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I have the same camera as you, the Minolta hi-matic af2. I was wondering what kind of films you use. Are there any cheap ones? And can you tell me the basics about it. Sorry for all the questions! I wanna start film photography but I have no clue on how to use mine :( THANK YOU!

no not a biggie, i actually love this camera, you don’t fly have to do much which is nice for film, it is fully automatic except for adjusting the ASA. and for film i think the cheapest i have bought is fujifilm 400 (i think) 

finally if you want to start, just start. put in a roll and start snapping.

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emlilly14 asked: I just saw your blog and literally saw one picture and was sold you are a great photographer and I love your work :)

you are a gr8 person, thx so much luv xx

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verbal-grenades asked: How are you doing? ^-^

*as if i’m joey tribbiani* how you doin? ;D

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brutalwinter asked: Just letting you know I've shared your blog, simply because your photos are incredible. Hope you're doing well and having a nice day/evening

OMG YOU ARE THE NICEST PERSON EVER. i hope you are doing well and plz plz plz have a nice day/night xx

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