mecisan asked: I really, really like your pictures. I kinda want to start photography because of you.. Haha. Keep it up!

if ya want to start just take pix of everything and anything ALWAYS

and thx so much by the way rly rly like you. xx

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place-h0lder asked: I have a question, I'm saving up for a camera, which type do you recommend? Like, cannon and nikon look the best, I don't want a digital camera. I really want one of the fancy cameras like Adam Elmakias tbh x)

omg AE is my idol #aliensarereal but i have a canon and will forever recommend them I am on my second SLR from them and have been in love with both. I started off with a rebel and now have a 7D. tbh i think its smart starting with a rebel bc you get the feel of using a professional camera and it’s not that many steps down from the big guys, also if you end up not feelin photo like you thought you would you still have a nice camera w/out dropping 1,000+

(but photo has honestly save me and is an awesome escape my life would be completely different if i didn’t start)

at warped dan told us that when they were first starting the ppl of warped said that they believed they were good enough to play warped and whatever and then he told us that he believed in us and to just follow our passion so whatever you chose to do just be passionate and rly love what you are doing.

wow sorry this could have been such a simple answer but wanted to relay that last part.

praise adam elmakias and all he does for us music junkies and photo nerds

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all-delonge-things asked: I love you

no bb i luv u

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kandyxstarwars asked: you're pictures are so perfect omg

you’re perf i rly wish i got to shoot shows more so i could continue making y’all happy

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place-h0lder asked: YOU'RE PICTURES ARE SO GOOD, WOW thanks for the follow! :)


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what more do you need when you live on a lake
over and over and over and over

so i didn’t post all 50 but posted my favs, plz share your thoughts w/ me

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thx for believing in us dan, we will forever continue to believe in you

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