Anonymous asked: So I have a fuji film instant & I have a few pictures that did not develop, I was wondering if you knew of anyway to ?

sadly no, they were just over exposed and there is no way to get them back. I AM SO SORRY

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wtvrbeerme asked: Yay! I know you're going to be my favorite blog 😘 thanks

no thank you! too sweet! xx

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ufukintwat asked: Just saying your blog is so awesome. Your photography is really good & I'm so happy we're mutuals.

ok ur awesome! thx so much. i’m so happy ur happy!

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iamsoooofetch asked: Omg so I saw you followed me so I checked out your blog and I love it so I was like "hell yeah I'm following her back". Your photography is amazing. My new favorite blog. I love you.

omg literally nicest thing ever. thx a ton. ur my fav. luv u s’much bbgurl

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